Today is the day. Yes, today I have time for me again. You will notice that my blog post has been in a lull but now perhaps, I shall be able to churn out more posts again.

It has been a hectic 6 weeks of school holidays for the kids. We didn’t go anywhere, only Genting, but it was still hectic all the same. It is always hectic when you have young kids at home. The days fly by in a whirlwind.

During the 6 weeks, I did not do any exercises at all! I also ate and ate and ate along with the kids. I made tea for them and ate with them. Instead of their regular breakfast of a piece of toast and milk, I made them pancakes, and french toasts etc and I ate along with them. I also added marjerine and peanut butter and bananas and honey just like them.

What have I got to show after 6 weeks of school holidays? Why, a bigger pouch of course around the tummy area and a smaller pouch as the money drained from the real purse or pouch since we ate out more and took them to the movies etc. Oh oh!

So, my New Year’s resolution which I just made today or right now, is to exercise everyday for 30 minutes each day. Then hopefully, in 6 weeks time, I will lose the weight that I gain in the last 6 weeks, just in time to fit into a new Cheongsum for Chinese New Year. 😛

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