Last weekend we made an impromptu visit to Zoo Negara. Dad was with us. Usually when we ask him whether he wants to go out or stay in, he would say “Don’t know”, “You Decide” or “Anything”. This time he said “I want to go out. I’m bored.” So we took him to the Zoo.

Naturally the kids were thrilled. Kong Kong going to the Zoo with them. That is surely a treat. Since it was the first weekend after school going kids went back to school, I had expected it to be quiet. I was wrong. The carpark was full.

I think Kong Kong has not been to the Zoo in years! Luckily there was the tram to ride in. For RM4 per ride, we could ride in the cool breeze so it would not be so hard on Kong Kong to do a walkabout. I enjoyed the tram ride because it was very cooling. We were crazy enough to go in the hot afternoon sun at about 12.00pm. We all enjoyed some hand held cone ice-cream too at RM6 each! Kakak was amazed and excited because she had not seen so many wild animals before accept in books and TV.

We made it a very short visit so that Kong Kong would not get too tired. I think the kids “tak puas”. (was not very satisfied). They pouted a little bit but cheered up when daddy said he will take them again the next time mummy goes out with her sisters. So far this is their 3rd visit to the Zoo. The first two times was when mummy went out with her sisters. Daddy took them on their own. Kakak was not with us yet at the time. He is very brave indeed to handle two young kids on at outing to the zoo all by himself. Kudos to daddy!

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