Prosperity Family Feast

Yesterday we had water disruption so we could not cook dinner. We had received the McD brochure earlier on about its Prosperity Family Feast. We thought the size of the meal was just right for us so we decided to call for Delivery.

In the brochure it said Only 38.80. Regular Price 47.81. That sounds like a bargain right? Well, not actually. In the fine fine print it says prices subject to 5% goverment tax. Oh, and we must not forget about the 3.00 delivery charge must we. (which is also in very fine print in another part of the leaflet). At the end of the day, the price (plus rounding up) came up to 43.75. Hmm….

Oh well, one should always read the fine fine print. Anyway, the meal included a Chicken Burger. I wanted to cut that up into 2 for the kids to share. However when I tried to cut, the knife could not slice through the meat pattie. I had to rip it apart with my hands. It was so thin and hard! Definitely unedible. The nuggets and curly fries look a little fried too but at least those were edible.

I called up this morning to make a complaint. I think the outlet manager of the outlet concerned should be made aware. I felt anything but “prospering” after that meal. Thumbs down. Anyway this is our first bad experience. We’ve taken McD for years with no bad feelings accept to our pocket and guilt for taking food less healthy.

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4 thoughts on “Prosperity Family Feast

  1. oh.. I would have call them immediately when I see those hard not very good ones… and ask for replacement! I have done that many many times… :p

    Uhfortunately, I did not have the luxury of time to wait another half hour for another replacement.

  2. I only like the pancake and ice-cream in McD. The quality here is very bad. If I have a choice, I go for burger king.

    I on the other hand, do not like burger king burgers. 🙂

  3. Sometimes it becomes hard because it’s cold. Anyway I think McDonalds is best enjoyed at the restaurant itself, when everything is still hot.

    Actually the rest of the things were still warm but there was definitely something not right with that chicken meat pattie. It was not only too hard but very thin as well.

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