From M to XXL

I’ve never worn size S before. However I wore M when I was in my 20s and shifted to L in my late 30s. Sob.

Then horror of horrors, post pregnancy, I ballooned to XXL! Much to my dismay it stayed that way for a long time! I had to take drastic action. I ate like a bird. I exercised. After 6 months, I returned to L or occassionally XL.

I hope never to go to XXL again. Though I’m still stuck at L and I suspect I will never fit into M again, it is much better than XXL!

As for my shoe size, it has grown from 6 to 8 and it will never come down again. No amount of dieting will make it shrink after pregnancy.

So there it is. I am L with a shoe size 8. Big hor? As they say. I am in shape. Round is a shape.

What size are you? Anybody in size XS out there? You’ll look like a dwarf beside this giant. lol.

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8 thoughts on “From M to XXL

  1. you are the second person that i know that increased their shoe size during pregnancy n it stays after popping! you must be very tall too.

    btw, i’m S but can fit into XS. 😛

    You look tall in your pics. 🙂

  2. Me M or S, depends on the clothes. Free size also I “sak” LOL! I hardly weigh myself, so I dunno much about my weight. As long as overall I look ok, I dun care about the clothes size. 😛

    That is because you are fortunate enough to be petite. You’ll care if you are wearing XXL. Believe me. hahaha.

  3. I .. am size.. M.. for Merryn 😀 My shoe size is 3 and remained that way though I wished for it to jump to 4! haih…

    Oh, another one with size 3. Imagine us sitting side by side. A size 3 and 8, the giant and the dwarf. Sorry, I don’t mean to call you dwarf. Hahaha.

  4. u did well as long as u dont balloon up to XXL again. i was a S, and now sometimes it goes to M, i used to be able to wear XS or petite (for american clothing)..and i am trying to go back to S. i miss my old clothes which I have yet to give it away.. mm seh tak wor

    At first I was mm seh tak too but after a few years of still not being able to fit in…. they all look pretty outdated by now so mah no longer mm seh tak loh.

  5. You feel better if you think this way…size are getting smaller. So you need bigger size. Last time where got XS, now got XXS.

    Haha. I like this. That means my size XXL used to be an L and now that I can fit into an L perhaps it is actually an M previously. lol.

  6. I am lucky that I able to shrink my body from XL to L and now to M, hehe:-0)
    But sometimes, really cannot resist eating yummy food and mostly are oily one…

    Anyway, I am wearing size 8 shoes too.

  7. Hi dear… this! I will sure reach your chest standing next to you! I fit into M with some wobbles out..looks like sand waves….hehehe….in case you loose balance you can pinch those spare might just not fall!
    Wow..giant feet….You are definitely double of me! I won’t fit xxl….it will be even bigger than my PJs 😀
    Have a wonderful CNY! Tricia

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