Buying Cookies for Chinese New Year

Yesterday, when I was out buying breakfast and newspapers, my usual newspaper vendor got me to try some Chinese New Year cookies. They were delicious so I ordered some. That means cookie buying is settled. Yahoo! I told the kids about it and they were very happy looking forward to eating those Chinese New Year cookies and delicacies that they remembered.

I don’t normally plan my cookie buying very well. Usually, I just grab whatever I can last minute from the supermarket. 😛 That usually leaves me undesirables. So, I am happy to be able to order some in advance this year. Hopefully, they taste as good as the samples. Usually I just get the standard fare like in the picture. Those were from last year if I am not mistaken. I would get just 4-5 varieties at the most. Otherwise, if they are not finished, guess who has to finish them? Yeah, me and my expanding waistline.

I wrote on my Parenting Times blog that I am trying to create excitement for my kids for Chinese New Year. In doing so, I find that, not only the kids but I too am feeling some building excitement. lol.

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8 thoughts on “Buying Cookies for Chinese New Year

  1. i havent bought mine. dont know if i need it or not.. 🙂

    Yes, most ppl get the chance to “escape” so they don’t need cookies but I still like to get some for the kids. 🙂

  2. I havent done a single thing to prep up for the coming CNY! Oh dear….

    Accept for the DIY decorations, I only ordered cookies… so I’m not far behind you. Haha.

  3. your newspaper vendor is selling cookies? hehehhehe…looks like everyone is now eh? the noodle seller, my neighbour and almost every stall in pasar malam 🙂 is the above photo from your home? nice decor 🙂 i better start soon 😉

    That photo was from last year or the year before, I forget. 😛

  4. This is the first year I am well prepared for the Chinese New Year well in advance. So there is no last minutes rushing this year. 🙂

    You are prepared? That is nice. I am far from prepared.

  5. dont start eating yet…the cny cookies.

    No, we are only allowed to start eating them on the eve of CNY. That is our tradition. Besides, its not here yet, just ordered. Hehe.

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