Some folks would have started their balik kampung journey starting tomorrow so let me leave you with this Chinese New Year message before you do.

This is a cute Happy Chinese New Year 2010 song (in English) since I don’t know Chinese very well. It is a greeting for the Year of the Tiger 2010 and has some Valentine’s Day elements in the song as well so you are wished a Happy Valentine’s Day 2010 at the same time. Just nice.

Instead of going around jumping from blog to blog and friend to friend on facebook etc wishing everyone and going crazy in the process because there is so many to wish, I would like to take an opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Remember to be extra vigilant during this period. My kid’s kindy just got broken into. Thieves came in from the rooftop during the night and even had time to shower and partake of all the CNY goodie hampers before making off with some cash and other valuables.

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