Science in English has been removed from my girl’s timetable and replaced by English periods. Maths in English is still being taught at this point of time.

At first, I thought I am happy that at last the kids do not have to study the Maths and Science in two languages in school thus reducing their workload. To me, although I preferred the subjects to be taught in English, having it taught in just Mandarin was better than having it taught in two languages both at the same time and having to sit for two sets of tests. However, on hindsight, I think that it has been a good thing.

Although their workloads and bag loads were heavier with the two subjects being taught in two languages, it allowed me to teach my girl the two subjects easily. I taught her in English and then we translated the terms to Mandarin. It was good that way because she thinks in English. Some of the workbooks were bilingual too so it was useful.

I hope that now that the two subjects will no longer be taught in English, those bilingual books will not go too because I find them really useful. It is harder to learn the subjects directly in Mandarin. It was easier for us to learn the concepts in English and then translate the terms into Chinese. Now it will be harder for me to teach my kids. 🙁

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