Now that I have renewed my maid’s passport, the next step would be to renew her work permit for a period of one year. Maids who are seeking renewed employment from year 2 going on to year 3 still requires mandatory health screening by Fomema. Subsequently, if your maid continues to work for you from years 3 going to year 4 onwards, it is not mandatory.

My agent has asked me to pass my maid’s old and new passport to them to renew the work permit. They will charge me RM895 for this service. However, I have decided to do it on my own to save more $$$$…. about RM260 actually. I had saved about RM332 by doing the passport renewal myself. I also did not take up the insurance RM97 for one year that is offered by the agent though I do not consider that as savings since it is an insurance after all.

If I ask my agent to renew my maid’s work permit, this will be the process.

  1. Hand old and new passport to agent
  2. Agent calls me to bring maid to clinic for medical check-up and to x-ray facility to do x-ray (Note: this part still has to be handled by me)
  3. Agent calls me to collect the passport and work permit
  4. Cost = RM895

By doing it myself, this is what I have to do…

  1. Register my maid with Fomema to do health screening
  2. Bring maid to clinic for medical check-up and x-ray facility to do x-ray
  3. Go to immigration department to do work permit
  4. Cost = RM190 (to Fomema to register for health screening) + RM445 (to Immigration dept for work permit for one year) = RM635 in total

First Step: Register maid at Fomema to do mandatory health screening.

  1. I go online to the Fomema website to download the foreign worker registration form
  2. I go to the post office to buy a postal order. Please take note that Fomema does not accept cheques, not even cash. You are required to pay by postal order, money order or bank draft ONLY.
  3. I photostat the first page of my maid’s new passport
  4. I fill up all the information on the form accept the doctor of my choice. However, I take down the doctor codes for the clinic I have selected. I select 2 or 3 and take down their codes just in case. I try to make sure that the clinic doing the tests also has an x-ray facility so I don’t have to run around twice to two separate places.
  5. My husband goes to the Fomema office during his lunch hour with the completed form, the postal order for RM190 and the original passport (for verification) and photocopy of first page of the passport. He asks if the clinic we selected is available (some have met the quota so they are no longer available at the time). He fills in the doctor codes and details for the clinic we selected that is confirmed available.
  6. Waiting time during lunch hour on a weekday was 15 minutes. Voila! We’re done.
  7. Fomema gives us a set of forms to be given to the clinic and x-ray facility (which in our case are the same place). The validity of the form is 90 days. There are 4 copies of the same form. 1 for the employer (white), 1 for the doctor (green), 1 for the x-ray facility (yellow) and 1 for the lab (pink). If you are not sure what to do with the forms, just present it to the clinic when you bring your maid for the check-up, they’ll know what to do with them.

Our next step is to bring the maid to the clinic for a medical check-up and x-ray. We’ll probably do that later this month.

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