I did not blog at all during the school holidays so this part of my post has been delayed even though I have completed the whole process and renewed my maid’s work permit for another year.

This post is continued from the post Renewing Maid’s Work Permit – Step 1 FOMEMA

This step is really easy. After you have registered your maid for the mandatory health screening at FOMEMA, the next thing you have to do is take your maid to the clinic for a health screening.  There is nothing to this. It is just taking your maid to the clinic you have selected on the FOMEMA form for a medical check-up.

Previously, even though we paid our agent to handle the work permit renewal process, they still required us to do this ourselves. So there is no difference. Or shall I say, there is a big difference. We saved a lot of money doing it ourselves.

Do note that we selected a clinic with an X-Ray facility so that we did not have to do twice the work of running around. Everything can be done at one place.  You cannot select the X-ray center as each clinic has a preassgined X-ray center but you can certainly choose a clinic with X-ray facilities.

We merely gave the clinic the forms given to us by FOMEMA, and they did the rest. No payment is required here since we have paid for this when we registered at FOMEMA. It took us less than an hour to finish the blood and urine tests and X-ray. It could have been less if the clinic had less people but we went on a weekend morning. You can go during a weekday morning to save time.

Finally, 10 working days after the doctor examination, we were able to check our maid’s health status at FOMEMA-Result Online.

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