It is July 2010. This week, the fruits from my Chinese New Year calamansi plants started to drop off rapidly. I was surprised they lasted this long! I had expected all the bright orange fruits to drop off right after Chinese New Year. 😛 They didn’t. They dropped only a few at a time. However this week, they started dropping off rapidly.

Then I noticed tiny white flowers growing. They look pretty and smell nice. I have two plants. One is in the sun, the other in the shade. The one in the sun has a moderate amount of flowers now. The one in the shade has none. 🙂

I love to see flowers growing. I love to have plants in my house. It is nice to see things growing. I feel alive to see growing things. The kids love watching plants grow too. Once in a while, we would go to the garden shop at a supermarket and they would pick out a packet of seeds each. We would plant them. When they grow and start sprouting fruits, flowers or vegetables, they would be delighted.

It is the most simple and basic form of science, an easy and fun way to teach young children about the living things around them. Otherwise, they may not even notice or stop to smell the flowers, just like adults who have forgotten to stop and smell the flowers because even children these days have crazy mad schedules.

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