They say money is the root of all evil but sometimes it is good to have money. It can represent a big difference in services provided. For this post, I shall talk about the differences in health care services.

I was unfortunate enough to have to take 4-5 chest X-Rays last week.

At X-Ray facility No. 1, I had to wait in a room full of male foreign workers who were all there for FOMEMA health screening where a chest x-ray was included. When it was my turn, I was told to remove my top clothing and don a hospital gown that was hanging on a hook. There were about 2-3 gowns hanging on separate hooks. I presume that all the foreign male workers before me wore the same gown. The gown left a clear visible gap of my back for the male technician to view (not that it was very nice to view but still…..) I felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable. I hung my own clothing on the same hook where I took the hospital gown from. The changing room was in the same room as the x-ray room, just right beside it as a matter of fact, with a ring pulled cloth curtain.

I was told to press my chest in front of a metal plate (I am not very sure whether all the male foreign workers pressed themselves on the same plate or whether it was changed), the technician left the room and zaaaaap! Done. Or was it Zaaaap! and try again Zaaaap! Done. I can’t quite remember. The results took awhile so fearing that it may be misplaced or placed together with the stacks of foreign worker reports while I wait there for nothing, I went to the counter to ask when I could have my results politely. The person manning the counter answered back rudely. “You will get your results when your name is called lah!”

Finally, I got my results. Not a very pretty one. Very frightening in fact. It says that I have active tuberculosis. I paid RM30 for that X-Ray.

At X-Ray facility No. 2, I waited in a more comfortable room watching CNN while waiting. I was brought to a changing room. There were 2 maybe 3 changing rooms with doors that could be locked. I was told to remove my top and don two hospital gowns, one over the other. I don’t  know why two. Maybe it was because it was very cold so it is to make  you feel more comfortable or so that there wouldn’t be any gaps of skin shown. I could put my own clothing in a locker with a key. There was a picture showing how to wear the gowns. Worn gowns are discarded in a bin in the changing room.

After changing I was told to wait awhile. Then they called me into the x-ray room. This time the x-ray of the chest was to be done from the back. It was a very awkward angle. The girl techinician who was trying to assist me did her best not to touch me but when she accidentally did, she would apologise. As it was rather awkward position, they took the x-ray 3 times before getting it right. Sigh.

I had to wait awhile for the x-ray too. When I approached the counter, they told me that it was ready but they had to get it typed out first. I paid RM45 for that x-ray.

At x-ray facility 2, I noticed a datin with a two carat diamond ring. When it was her turn to do the x-ray, I noticed, she walked right out afterwards with the report. No waiting time.

So, yes, money talks!

Do I wish to have more money. For the differences above, yes I do but more importantly, I wish for happiness and good health.

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