The other day my boy told me he wanted me to go back to work so that I could earn more money to buy him toys! However, when he heard that it will mean that I am not at home when he gets home from school, he changed his mind. Then his daddy told him “but we will have a bigger house and perhaps a dog for a pet…….” and he quickly replied “Mummy, go to work.” Hmm mmm perhaps I shall.

The boy has been wanting a pet dog for a long time. Since the day he heard that his daddy used to have 3-4 dogs when he was a boy. Unfortunately, for now, all we can afford is two pet fish. Those that were hardy enough to live in our small miserable tank. Perhaps one day we can get him a pet dog. However, the thing about pets and kids is the fact that ultimately the primary caregiver always seem to end up being….. mummy! So I must think about this pet thingy carefully. Do I have the time?

Don’t get me wrong. I love pets. I used to have a pet dog when I was a little girl. She was the cutest little dog with the most soulful eyes. She was with us for 7 years. I cried buckets when she died. Even now, after so many years, I still remember her cute little face and the emotions on her face. Oh gosh, I am going to choke up now.

Speaking about cute pets, I learned about this website for all pet lovers. The Cuteness Pet Community is rather like a Facebook for pets. You can upload your pet’s best photo and create a profile for your beloved pet. There you can meet with and chat with other pets. Oops! I meant other pet owners.

If that is not enough, you can challenge each other to a cute pet duel at Pet Challenges to see whose pet is cuter. lol. I like that. Or you can enter the 24 hour Battlezone to see if your pet is the cutest of them all. You even stand the chance to win prizes at the yearly Thunderdome where 64 top rated pets get to battle it out head to head.

Best of all, you get to mingle with other like minded pet lovers at the Cuteness Dog Park to just talk about your pets or discuss anything and everything about your pet. Contrary to it’s name, the Cuteness Dog Park is not just opened to dogs alone but to ANY pet including birds, cats and even reptiles! I guess my two pet fish qualifies too. Of course you can also recommend products and shop for the best stuff for your pets especially those that have been given 5-paw ratings and reviewed by other pet lovers in the community. If you love pets, you will love this community for sure. Here is how your Pet Profile will look like at the community.

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