Every year all the mooncake makers compete to outdo each other by coming up with newer and more varieties of mooncake.

This year, I had yellow corn mooncake, bright purple don’t know what flavour mooncake and a black mooncake, charcoal or bamboo or whatever filling. Sorry I am no food connoisseur. We received the mooncake as gifts. I did not buy them.

The new creations come in a variety of colours, usually two. One circular in shape to represent the egg yolk and wrapped up with another coloured filling. Durian, yam, chocolate, cheese, green tea, etc. Anything that strikes your fancy is available if you search hard enough.

The kids love them. They admire the beautiful (and expensive) packaging. They love to open and try each one. My husband will only eat the original mooncake, the lotus one. As for the kids, anything sweet will do. The sweeter the better. They turned up their noses against one yam type with a pastry type of crust. I must admit that it tasted anything but like a mooncake. It was just normal pastry disguised as a mooncake.

Tonight we will stuff ourselves with more mooncake. What about you? What new mooncake did you try this year?

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all!

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