No Time for TV

We do not watch much TV at home due to lack of time. Can you imagine that? Sounds miserable doesn’t it? But not really. And the kids do not miss it either because they have grown up in this environment since the time when they were babies. No leaving pay tv on all day with cartoons running all day for them to enjoy.

However, we do let them watch TV …… in style. 😛 On Sunday mornings, we push two armchairs right up to the TV, place a footstool in front and let them put their feet up. Then, still in their pyjamas, they munch on their breakfast in front of the TV. 😛 What a treat!

On Friday nights, we have movie night. After dinner, we would sit down together to watch a dvd. This is the time when kakak gets to sit and enjoy a movie too.

I personally do not watch any TV at all. (although I would like to but I have no time to do so). As for hubby, he is addicted to old school Chinese Martial Art Movies. He has to watch during meals and before sleeping. Sometimes he watches till the TV watches him. Snore….. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

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  1. slavemom says:

    It’s the total opposite for us. The kids grow up in an environment whr tv is on (almost) all the time. When they’re younger, I don’t think it’s an issue as I let them watch educational progs. Sometimes they’re so used to it that they switch/leave it on even tho they’re not watching. But as my girl is in primary sch now, I try to minimise her tv time (not ez tho). And becoz of that, didi oso gets less tv time.

    Maybe because the TV is on all the time, they won’t watch anymore because immune to it and lost interest. 😉

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