I do not have a Facebook Account. Confused?

I meant the real me does not have a Facebook Account. However the blogger in me has a Facebook Account. Since I have several blogs, I thought it would be a good idea to sort of consolidate them all in one place and Facebook gives me a way of doing so. Each time I update any of my few blogs, I update my Facebook.

That is the only reason why I have a Facebook Account. It is to connect with my blogger and other online friends. Which explains why I have friends I sometimes do not really know. When you have a blog, you sometimes have friends you don’t really know. In fact, sometimes you don’t even know that you have friends that you don’t really know (as in silent readers.)

Apart from this reason, the other reason is, I find it very useful as a networking tool with other parents as in “Where can I buy this book?” “I am having kid exam stress” etc. Networking in this manner makes the burden lighter when shared. Sharing with like minded people in the same situation helps a lot. It is much easier than calling up a dozen friends to complain about the same issue. After awhile, even I feel tired of listening to myself. However, a quick status update on Facebook, along with its encouraging, positive and helpful comments is a big relief. I love Facebook in that sense.

However, what I share with other parents on my parents networking list may not be what I would like to share with other friends or relatives etc who may be on my Facebook friends list too. That is why they are not in my Facebook Friends List.

Sounds ridiculous? My closest friends are not on my Facebook Friend’s List but strangers and acquiantances are. Well, that is just me. I personally do not enjoy this social networking thingy (with the above exception) but there is no escaping it is there. We are in that era and I must somehow understand it because my children will be caught up in that world, in time. That is why I have Facebook and Twitter and blogs.

I do not feel very comfortable giving up to the minute details to the world about what I am currently doing, have recently done or about to do. I do not like to post photos of myself or my family. I am just not at all used to the idea of posting pictures of myself and my family along with updates for all my friends as a new form of keeping in touch and catching up with each other. It just feels so strange to me. That is why I have a Facebook account without a Face. Rather silly isn’t it? That is what kept me from opening a Facebook Account till recently. It is the fact that I could not post a Face.

I am a rather private person. But then I have 3-4 blogs? How is that so? Well, I like to write, that is why I have my blogs to express myself. I have a blog but I find that one can be personal without being too personal on a blog and I realise now, even on Facebook (after braving myself to open an account without a Face). So yes, a private person can still have several blogs and a Facebook account.

Anyone who knows the real me and who knows that I do not have a Facebook Account will say “What? You mean you do not have a Facebook Account?” It does not bother me at all because they do not know that I have several blogs and a Facebook Account to consolidate them all in.

I really prefer it this way. I have real friends whom I prefer to keep in touch with in person and then I have my online friends whom I can only keep in touch with online. This way, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds and yet still maintain my desire to remain private. Having a public life is not for me but who knows, maybe one day, I may open a Facebook account for the real me and then the real me can be friends with the online me and no one would be any the wiser and that is exactly how I like it. 😛

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