When someone loves you unconditionally

When someone loves you unconditionally, it is hard not to love them back. 🙂

I have such an unconditional love from my son. He is constantly telling me how much he loves me. He is always giving me hugs and telling me he loves me “the best of all”.

When he sees me in pain, he will rush to my side to comfort me. When he sees me busy he will say “Mummy can you play with me, later, if you are free? If you are not, I will play by myself.” He is very understanding.

It is fantastic to be loved like that. It is also very easy to give love in return when you receive love like that. That is why they say, “give love and in return you will receive love.”

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7 thoughts on “When someone loves you unconditionally

  1. So true. Sometimes we forget to love our children unconditionally. When they behave, there’s no problem but when they misbehave, we often let anger take over instead of love. I’ve experienced moments like this and I’m reminding myself that if I fill my heart with unconditional love, every problem will be solved and I’ll be able to talk to my children and help them instead of scolding and punishing them.

    Thanks JO-N, Thanks for the reminder!

  2. My son is very expressive on his love for me too. Though I keep telling myself not to b biased, I do doubt if my love for him is at all unreserved.

    The kids always think I don’t love them whenever I scold them..

  3. awww so sweet…

    my son is the same now. very expressive..ILU, hugs. I hope it will last even to his teenage or even adulthood!!!!

    Yes, I hope it will last for a lifetime but that remains to be seen.

  4. yeah, mine too! sometimes i feel that i do not deserve that kind of understanding and love. because sometimes mommy is a B2tch. 😛 and yet, they say i am still perfect…

    Yeah, bad mommy here too!

  5. my girl says that to me only when she’s in a good mood. her love for me can turn 360 degrees. one moment love then suddenly shouts at me. haih..

    That’s ok. My girl says she doesn’t love me. That’s worse still. Haha.

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