I wish I had a lot of money

At the moment, I wish I had a lot of money… to afford the best healthcare there is for dad to make him as comfortable as possible, to give him the best quality of life and to make recovery for him as smooth and as fast as possible.

Dad was in ICU and in hospital for 3 weeks now. That equates to lots of $$$$$$$$! When he is discharged he will need to go back to the hospital frequently for physiotherapy. This is no easy task, not when you have to be transported from bed to wheelchair to car to wheelchair to gym then from gym to wheelchair to car to wheelchair to bed again.

If I could I would like to buy a good hospital bed with remote and the best wheelchair. I would like to have a special van for wheelchair users so dad can get out to the physio gym to do the necessary exercises to aid and speed recovery. I would like to afford mobile nurses to come to the house to make sure dad gets the best care, nourishment, hygiene.

I don’t know how much the hospital charges will eventually be. The deposit was RM10k. Dad’s new medication costs over RM1k a month. 24 hour mobile nursing would cost RM15k a month. There is a special sponsored transport service for wheelchair users which costs RM3 per person per trip. So lets say someone accompanies dad to the hospital for phsio. That would mean RM3 x 2 persons  = RM6 x 2 ways = RM12 for a to and fro visit to hospital using the special van. There are many more expenses. Thats only the transport charges mind you.

Yes, at this moment. I wish I had a lot a lot of money.

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  1. Anna says:

    I do so wish that you have lots of money too considering your needs. Just hang in there. Have you checked with NASAM (National Stroke Association of M’sia) what services and help they can offer? They are located somewhere in PJ.

  2. sting says:

    is mobile nursing those that you hire on per hour basis? I used to get them to take care of my dad at night when he was in hospital. Cost abt RM13 per hour… increase so much already? email me lah if you want their contact…

    i also borrow one of those special hospital bed fro hospis (only need to pay for transport)… but dunno whether you pantang or not… but its easier coz just wind up and down for feeding / resting…

    take care

  3. mcheo says:

    sorry to hear that.

    my grandma who is 82 years old had a mild stroke 6 months ago. mild stroke for her age is bad enough. Anyway, she stayed in Tung Shin hospital for 2 months. 2 times Chinese medicines and 1 time acupuncture per day. It is very cheap. However, physio in Tung Shin is very bad. Don’t bother to try.

  4. ARN says:

    Baby Darren, 1 physiotherapist to cover all warded patients in HKL. same with speech therapist. They r trying their best, unfortunately, the too many patients till they cant handle everyone efficiently

    Yes, so many good doctors overwhelmed by work and sometimes the organisational set up. A pity.

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