We are but mere mortals who feel pain and suffering. We are but mere mortals who have physical limitations. We have a shelf life. We have an expiry date. Just like anything else with a shelf life, when its old, it starts to turn bad. It starts to deteriorate. It is not as good as new. Nothing you can do could make it new again.

Yes, we are but mere mortals. We can only hope that love can make a small difference. A very small difference. Though it may sound romantic and fantastic, it does not help very much. Even if we have love, it does not make the pain any less. The pain is physical. We feel it. We feel it much more than we feel the love. Love does not make the suffering go away. It does not make it any less.

Even if we have love. We do not have the other things that will make it easier.

We want to give love but we are held back by our own limitations of health, time and money. We do not have the money to make things better, more comfortable. Those too are our limitations. These are material things. They really shouldn’t matter… but they do. They do.

We are but mere mortals.

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