I am having a sore throat as I write this. A fine time to be sick with school starting in a week’s time and the boy starting primary school for the first time. What is worse, is the fact that I managed to pass it on to both kids who are both now coughing and having fevers and cold and we three are on antibiotics.

I have been pretty sick this year. I was coughing especially at night from April up to September! Till I was so sick and tired of being sick. All this led to me taking a chest x-ray which showed that I had active TB! My goodness. That scared me so! I went to see a couple of doctors and took more x-rays. All thanks to that first x-ray I am now full of radiation. Hmm…

I was sent to the National Respiratory Centre which was so full they did not have time to see me accept to order me to do a sputum test which turned out negative because I didn’t know how to cough out any sputum. I never went back for a follow up because it was too long ( I couldn’t wait! If I was sick, I should be receiving treatment immediately, not wait two weeks to see a doctor!). I was also scared stiff to catch something there. I saw people coughing out blood. I got scared silly thinking about all the airborne respiratory deceases that I could catch just by waiting for my turn to see the doctor.

So I never went back. I went to see some other specialist in a private hospital. My cough did not go away immediately. It eventually did though, about a month after the active tb chest x-ray report. Anyway one look at me and you’d know that I don’t have tb. For once, I am happy to be plump.

That was my health scare for the year. Not as bad as the one I had a few years ago. This one went away. The other, affects my life to this day.

Dad is still in hospital. Poor dad. He had to spend his birthday there and now Christmas there too. With all the siblings away on holiday, I wanted to try to go and see dad at the hospital this weekend but with me and the children having a flu it is not possible now. I do not want to pass anything to him. Poor dad but it will be worse if I pass any germs to him. On the bright side, we hope that we can bring him back to sister’s house when she gets back fromΒ  her holiday before the year end so at least he can spend New Year at home. That would be nice. He has been in hospital for more than 2 months now. That is not very nice.

I guess 2010 has generally been a sick year for me. I hope that 2011 will be better health wise. Apart from health, my home has been harmonious and we are mostly happy and content. Even though we have not been radiating with health, we radiated with love. πŸ™‚ I hope it will be the same in 2011.

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