There are many terms used to describe the word “mom” these days. For example, I am a SAHM or the Stay At Home Mom. There is also the FTWM or the Full Time Working Mom. We’re on both sides of the coin. However, right there in the middle is a space where most people would like to be, a balance between both called the WAHM. That is the Work At Home Moms.

I know so many ladies who have managed to find that space to become a WAHM. Most of them are bloggers whom I have known since I started blogging in 2004. Some of them started selling clothing via the internet, some started sewing and selling handbags, some started online bookshops. Some made cakes and sold them through the web and others sold their beautiful crafts using their blogs. Incredible! So many opportunities. Freelance writing, photography, wedding planning, you name it. Staying at home no longer means being a boring old housewife.

Starting a home business is relatively easy. However, I think what differentiates a good home based business from another is professionalism. Like any other businesses, one must be professional about it. You should be able to market and promote yourself well through good copywriting and other useful promotional materials like good photographs, a website and a blog. You should also have business cards. It is a cheap but very effective and the most basic of all marketing tools. You can easily print a set of 100 custom business cards for less than $11. A business card adds credibility and professionalism to your business.

It is my dream to move away from being a SAHM to become a WAHM one day. I can’t bake or sew, do crafts of take photographs but I can write. I have always loved to write. I hope to become a freelance writer one day. What about you?

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