It can  be a very funny scene indeed if you could see what went on behind closed doors in the ladies public toilets . Fortunately most public toilets these days have hooks behind the doors to hang handbags, otherwise, some has to clutch on to their handbag while…….. (some ladies do some of the below or ALL of the below)

  • wiping the toilet seat
  • wrapping the toilet seat with toilet paper carefully
  • if no toilet paper is available some clamber onto the toilet seat and squat there
  • some balance on their feet and slowly lower their bum like doing a ballerina plie.
  • some with kids have to do all of the above a few times ie for themselves and for the kids
  • if the kid is young, some carry the kids in their arms and ask them to aim into the toilet bowl

Its an ugly scene I tell you, quite funny too if you think about it but what to do? Some of the toilets are so dirty. The other day I visited Empire Subang and was pleased to find toilet seat wipes. I think it would help if toilets had them. Quite often, I find toilet paper all over the floor after someone has arranged it to cover the toilet seat before sitting on it. Some of the toilet paper is covered with urine. Ewwww…

Ahhh… public toilets. How I hate them.

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