Now that my kids are old enough to have gone through our very own routine and tradition for Chinese New Year, they are really looking forward to it.

When we were younger, we used to have our own family routines for Chinese New Year. Hubby had his routine and I had mine. Now that we have our own little family, we started our very own routine for the kids.

We both married late. So with only one remaining grandparent, the kids do not have to go through any strict type of age old family routine so we have to create our own routine. Even though we are a small household and we celebrate Chinese New Year on a small scale, we do not believe in locking up the house and going away for the holidays to get away from everyone. That is not what Chinese New Year is all about.

To us, Chinese New Year is about cleaning and decorating the house, buying and wearing new clothes, buying and eating cookies (too bad I can’t bake). So even though we do have many people to visit and not many come to visit us, we still do all these things. We also try to do the same things on the first day and on the second day etc. On Chinese New Year eve, they enjoy washing the car and the porch and then hanging up our homemade and storebought decorations, before having a bath changing into new pyjamas and eating our own “reunion” dinner. We dine at home, just us but we make an effort to make it special.

By now, the kids know the routine and tradition well. They begged to make the Chinese New Year decorations, they are looking forward to eating the same cookies. They are sooooo looking forward to Chinese New Year. I am not sure they enjoy the buying new clothes part though. The crowd is horrible. After a while, they drag their feet and complain about being tired. This year we are late. Usually I like to get all this out of the way before the crowds come. Now the crowds have started and we have only just begun. I think I am going to drag my feet and complain about being tired too. Still, I am also looking forward to Chinese New Year. 🙂

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