I shop just once a year during Chinese New Year and then we wear the clothing throughout the whole year. It helps me to save money and at the same time it creates excitement and a festive feeling for the kids. Since I shop just once a year, I can also have the excuse of picking up good quality clothing that may cost a bit more since we have to wear them all year round. The only disadvantage about doing this is the clothing price is higher during this peak season as some, like me will shop around this time.

I decided to do this, after my sister who shops all round the year told me that to her kids, Chinese New Year is nothing special because they have new clothes all the time. I want my kids to feel the same kind of excitement I felt as a child during CNY. So to me they should have new clothes during this time and not throughout the year. As children they outgrow their clothes very quickly so we will definitely need to buy them some so why not do it for Chinese New Year. Of course, we have to be careful to choose those that they can grow into and not out of quickly.

As a child, we always had new clothes during Chinese New Year and we will wear them on the first two days of Chinese New Year at least. Some of my more traditional aunties even have new clothes for each of the 15 days of Chinese New Year! Amazing! For us, we just target the first few days and we will usually buy mix and match outfits that we can pair with to create new looks.

We even had new sleepwear which we will wear after busy cleaning up house on the eve of Chinese New Year before having a good shower to wash away the old year. So I always buy new pyjamas for my kids and they love changing into them on the eve of Chinese New Year. They change into them, receive angpows from mummy and daddy and then they get to stay up late to welcome the New Year with the sounds of firecrackers and fireworks all around.  So exciting. On the first morning of Chinese New Year, the kids will get bundled into their new clothes and shoes. Oh, how they love it!

This year we also got new cushion covers and table cloths, all in the bright auspicious colour – red. Tradition is very much alive in my house even though we celebrate in a really small scale.

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