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The other day while I was at the Mall, I saw the “God of Prosperity” ie a chap dressed up like the above. You can see quite a lot of them at malls during this season. Some of them will be giving out mandarin oranges, or angpows (usually with vouchers in them) to entice you to buy, buy, BUY!

Anyway, this chap was fooling around. He was standing very still. If you did not know it, you would think that he was just a manequin. Then he would suddenly move much to the surprise and amusement of shoppers. All of a sudden he spoke……. in Malay to the shoppers. lol. A “God of Prosperity” who speaks Malay. That is what you get in a multiracial society. 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I will be back after I have finished eating, drinking and being merry which may take up to two to three weeks. 😉

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