Fire and Ice

My son’s most recent follow up visit and blood test was normal. He was very brave to walk into the lab for the test even though he was scared… but when he saw the needle, he shouted “No, No, I know its pain”, and tried to use his other hand to push it away even though everyone tried to tell him that it is only like an antbite. Eventually, he had to be held down rather forcefully to get it done. Poor fellow. I don’t blame him. When he was at the hospital, he had 4 blood tests done within 7 days. After that 2 more in follow up visits. There was also the iv needle which had to be changed twice. Ouch! I think by now he has developed a phobia for the needle. He never was frightened by injections before.

I remember at the hospital, the nurses and doctor, told him not to look. “Look at mummy. Look away. Don’t look”, they said to which my boy cried “ITS THE SAME!!!!!” lol. Now who are they trying to kid eh?” Whether he looks at the needle or otherwise, he knows the pain is just the same. It was rather hilarious but of course at the time I was not laughing.

We are glad he is alright so we took him out to eat. We went to Madam Kwans, and he had Fish and Chips and Banana Split. Ooohh! And I had a huge bowl of Curry Mee and Ice Kacang after that. The Curry Mee was like fire! I doused it with the Ice ABC. Fortunately my stomach withstood the abuse. 😛 It is like my life recently. So much fire. At least now, we have some Ice to douse the fire.

Hopefully, things will stay normal from hereon.

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4 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. I hate needles too but some nurse/doc can inject with the minimum amount of pain.

    I have thin veins. Always kena poke several times before they get it right unless done by a very skilled nurse/doc.

  2. When i was 12, I had the dengue fever and had to be hospitalized for almost 1 week. The nurse had to take blood samples for tests every 6 hours while I was there. It was such a painful process each time and I felt fear everytime the 6 hour schedule is up.

    So i can imagine the fear your boy has to go thru. I am glad to hear that he is well…Take care.

    My boy is 6 going on 7. He was hospitalized for 7 days and was on drips almost the whole time. His hands would swell up after a while and so they had to change the drips too (first one hand, then another and back again) in addition to the blood tests. So kesian. I am glad its over.

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