How I wish I had more money

They say that money is the root of all evil and one should not wish for more money. We must be happy and content with what we have. However, I do wish for more money. Money can certainly do a lot… especially when you are old and ill. The standard of care you can get if you have money is so different.

Dad had a stroke last year which resulted in him being hospitalized for 2 months last year. He was unable to eat normally but had to have milk poured in directly to his stomach every few hours. He also had a colostomy which now requires him to carry his fecal matter in a bag. He can’t walk or bathe on his own so he has to use adult diapers.

Dad is much better now. He can eat almost anything now but he still requires help with bath and changing of his stoma bag etc. The five of us, his kids, shares the amount required to take care of dad. This includes a maid and a nurse not to mention his very expensive medication and payments for physiotherapy etc. The nurse is very good and has a wonderful personality to match. Unfortunately she is very very expensive. I am afraid we can’t continue to keep using her for long hours and daily as we are now. Slowly we are reducing her time.

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a lot of money so that we do not even have to calculate or even think of it or blink an eyelid when providing quality nursing care for dad? Yes, it is at times like this that I wish I have a lot of money. Anyway, whatever it is, I am really thankful that dad is much better now. Dad was even back in Penang with everyone to celebrate the Chinese New Year recently and that is truly a wonderful thing indeed.

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  1. Lian @ Mamas Bag of Tricks says:

    Money is not the root of all evil. It is our lust for money that is the root of all evil. There is no denying that with the right kind of heart, money can be put to good use. Your dad is very lucky to have wonderful caring children like you and your siblings.

    What you say is not exactly correct Lian, to get here, we had to have disagreements over who should house father and who should pay more and who should pay less. That is why I wish I had a more money so I can say, nevermind, I will pay for it all.

  2. beng says:

    for the past three yrs we been paying rm5k a month for the care of a stroke patient. a heavy burden on us. now we have sent her to a private medical centre sort of . last month’s bill was abt rm3k only. what a relief. i am not being bad but we all simply cant afford the rm5k a month

    RM5k a month for 3 years is a lot. 🙁

  3. mun says:

    Whose who pay less can take over the work of the nurse. By the way, would you consider joining the workforce again to earn the money to continue hiring the nurse for longer hours?

    Dad has a maid to look after him personally. She is quite equipped to take over some simple task from the nurse. We have merely reduced the nurse’s hours from 12 to 8. She still comes in everyday. It makes a substantial difference in terms of $$$. Go back to the work force? If only things were that simple.

  4. Adino says:

    I wish for the same thing each day. Makes you wonder why those who really need money don’t get enough, but those who don’t have the needs, have so much of money that they even waste it.

  5. sting says:

    so glad that your dad is so much better… when my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a stroke, I thought the same too… wishing that I had lots of money. There weren’t that many of us siblings so was real tough for us. I suspect my dad felt he was a burden to us… Hope your dad don’t feel so ya and instead enjoy his freedom again… cheers 🙂

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