“Mummy, my friend said she was going to Paris for the school holidays and everyone said Wuah!” said my nine year old.

Even at nine, kids have started comparing and perhaps having some degree of peer pressure. Many kids these days will go somewhere for the school holidays. Our “somewhere” usually means home or a day trip somewhere nearby. At nine, they’re not complaining. I wonder if they will start comparing later on with friends who travel everywhere during school holidays. Oh, well, we will deal with that when and if that time comes.

For now, during the school holidays we had a very good time indeed. We went for two movies. We bought a monopoly board and the kids couldn’t get enough of it. They loved handling the “money” and buying and selling properties and “building” houses and hotels. They caught up with some piano lessons which they had missed from the time when they were sick. Teacher still owes us 3 lessons from all our postponements, hers as well as ours.

The girl made some colourful paperĀ ice-creams and opened an ice-cream “shop” set up in their pop-up tent with a menus and a banner for the shop as well. I taught them a little. English crash course for the girl and Chinese for the boy. We read and read and read. They played a little computer game, very little come to think of it since they were too busy buying and selling properties. Daddy did some science experiments with them.

We tried to look at the super moon with our little telescope but only saw a window from a condo across the street so we went for a drive instead to look at daddy’s old school. We went to my sister’s house for lunch one day where they met up and played table tennis with their cousin and carrom with grandpa.

I forgot to mention. We also took them to Berjaya Times Square to enjoy some kiddy rides before they outgrow them. We had ice-cream too including yours truly, Miss Fatty here. :O

Before you know it, they’re back to moaning….

“Mummy, I hate to go to school. I am afraid the teacher will beat me if I forget to bring a book or do my work. How mummy, how?”

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