Father has a private nurse looking after him to take care of his personal hygiene needs, changing his stoma bag etc. She also helps to make sure that he does his physio daily. She has a truly wonderful personalilty. So warm and caring. She really takes care of father very well. The way she talks and jokes with him and how she persuades and coax him is truly wonderful. Father even called  her “anak angkat” one day.

She is strong too and carries father to and from the wheelchair with professional ease. She is professional yet much more than that with her warm personality. Sometimes there are other trainee nurses who come along daily or there is a replacement for a day or two but none of them are the same. They are carrying out the job of a nurse and nothing more. No jokes. No banter. Just  sitting there with father.

We are truly fortunate to have her looking after father.

I think the biggest difference between a mundane worker and one that does a job extremely well is passion, love, commitment and believe for it. This nurse has it. Just like my kids’ paeditrician. She has it. Sometimes she does not charge me. At times she even calls me up to ask about the kids if they are very sick. One gynaecologist I saw before has it. She uses two offices and runs from one to another, busy like a bee but always with a smile on her face. I asked her how she manages to smile when she is so busy. She simply says “I love my job.” My neurologist has it. No matter how busy, he somehow manages to look relax and entertains most of my questions. These are very busy specialists indeed but I still see their humane side. Some specialists just go through the motions. In fact, I feel that they just can’t wait to get their patients out of the door so that they can see the next and the next. Understandably, they are very busy but then so are the rest.

The job that I love the most is the job of a mother. Yet, I think most of the time, I am like the second batch of specialists. The kind that just go through the motions and can’t wait for the patients to go out the door. I rush around with a frown most of the time. The little one will come and press my forehead to make the wrinkles go away and the big one will ask me to “Stop frowning mummy. Don’t frown. Smile.” I must make a more concious effort to be like the nurse who is more than a nurse. Smile more. Frown less. Love more. Slow down. Be happy at the job which I claim to be the happiest at. I surely don’t look it!

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