My son will check the letter box each time we come home. Yesterday he looked and he saw a postcard for himself from MPH. He has a member card. He was soooooooo happy. He asked a lot of questions about his postcard. It came with a RM5 voucher for buying books so he was even happier when daddy said he could buy a book. (even though he gets books practically every week!).

Children feel happy over the smallest things. Everything is such a wonder to them. Even the smallest things can bring a big smile and so much excitement to them.

I wonder when did we (adults) stop feeling excited over little things? When did we stop feeling happy over seemingly insignificant small things?

Today these things made me smile/I am happy about……..

  1. Its Friday! Fridays are movie nights for me, the helper and the kids while hubby goes out for his games. The kids like to have first class seats ie they bring their pillows and put it all around their chairs and say it is their castle. Mind you, no pillow must drop nor can you encroach into their space (oops. I meant castle) Halfway through, we will have an intermission for Milo and snacks then we all chomp away while watching our movie, usually cartoons. It is a treat not only for the kids but for the maid and me too. 🙂
  2. The maid. Our helper is with us for the 3rd year now. She has some trouble at home and her family is pressuring her to go home so at most she will stay another year. My eyes filled with tears when she wanted to cut short the 3rd year recently because of her family troubles. If she leaves, I will miss not only a good helper but a companion too.  Sob. Sob. When renewing her contract last year she said that she was happy here, she said she felt like I was like “mak sendiri” a mother to her. Oh my goodness. Mother?! I told her “aiyoh say sister lah, don’t say mother”. 😉 (Her mother passed away when she was young, like mine did. She has a step mother whom she does not get along with while I have none. It would indeed be nice to have a mother figure in one’s life. Yes, it would).
  3. Korean strawberries. They are sweet not sour and I still have a couple in my fridge which I shall savour soon…… Yum. Yum.
  4. My boy and girl who are trying so hard to be good so that they can earn more and more stars! Yesterday, the boy “bought” two pieces of coloured paper from me for 10 stars. Today he wanted to “sell” them back to me because he said “Mummy, I don’t use it. I just dump it on my table.” The reason is because he wanted to collect up to 40 stars just like his sister so he can “buy” something bigger. Oh, the kids, they are so innocent and precious. What is mummy’s answer? “Sorry, mummy’s shop is closed at the moment.  You can’t sell back something you have bought.” Heh heh. Bad bad mommy. But he’ll still hug me anyway. He is such an affectionate little boy. And that brings an even bigger smile to my face. 😛
  5. It is Friday (didn’t I just say that?). It is Friday and there are no activities, no after school classes for the kids. Yippee! If the weather is good, we’ll go to the park to fly the girl’s kite. She will certainly be happy about that.  Then she’ll run and run and run till her cheeks get all rosy and she’ll be happy even though her kite gets dragged all over the grass and has cuts on it instead of lifting off. 😉

I’m smiling now and I am going to get off this chair to put on some music and dance and release some endorphins which will make me smile more and the fact that I am able to do this without having to worry about traffic jams and unreasonable bosses and office politics or getting out there to make a speech or sitting in the chair and hitting buy/sell. Oh how I hate all of those stuff but I am free now and that certainly is worth smiling about. I am unashamedly unambitious. I am a housewife and I love it. 😛

Ok. Time to release some endorphins.

What about you? Can you tell me what are the little things that make you happy today?

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