A Perfect Sunday

On a perfect Sunday, the kids get to watch cartoons during breakfast. They have time to practise the piano. They have time to draw and colour. We all go out for a drive and a delicious lunch. They do more school work, yes even on a Sunday 🙁

We went to the cake shop to order the boy’s birthday cake. He wanted to have a Humungousaur on his cake but was too shy to tell mummy and daddy. He nudged his sister instead who was more than glad to tell. So a Humungousaur it shall be for his 7th birthday cake. Humungousaur is one of Ben 10’s Aliens if you don’t already know. I didn’t until my boy reach the mad about Ben 10 age. 🙂

 We go to the park and the girl gets to run and run and run till her cheeks and lips go all rosy and red but her kite still did not stay up. It took off several times and even got caught in some tall trees and the string cut her hand and she cried but it did not stay up. Mummy is not very good at kite flying it would seem. 😛

Home cooked dinner, storytime and an early bedtime. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Behind the scenes of a Perfect Sunday

To get a perfect Sunday, mummy and daddy have to do a lot of rushing around to make sure that the kids have enough rest and play despite the work.  Mummy and daddy has to double up as tuition teachers as well. A trip to the park may be lovely but afterwards there are muddy shoes to wash, not to mention sweaty kids who need a good bath and hair that needs washing and blow drying before bedtime. With young kids, everytime  you go out, it is a mad rush.  Thank goodness for the helper who can help with the cooking and washing of those dirty shoes and clothes so that mummy can concentrate on the kids.

 In order to achieve that perfect Sunday, quite a lot of effort has to be put into it! There is a lot of rushing, nagging, teaching, scolding, loving, laughing, crying, pouting, hugging thrown in.

And before you know it, you have to drag yourself out of bed before 6am and while the kids are in the toilet, the electricity trips again because it had rained and the wires got wet again. Welcome Monday!

Sometimes, I wish that all I need to do on a Sunday is wake up for brunch and slowly read several papers and laze about all day but that hasn’t happened for a looooooong looooooong time.

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