Aunty MG is like a mouse

Aunty MG is like a mouse.  Recently I found out that that is what my 20 something year old nephew thought of me when my eldest sister in a moment of indiscretion let it slip that her son had told her that. Goodness Gracious! A Mouse! 😛

How did this come about? I guess it is from years of practise. Mom died when I was about 9. My siblings were 13, 14, 16 & 17.  Due to the age gap, I had no one to play with. I was left out most of the time because I was too little compared to the rest. Everytime I opened my mouth too speak, no one listened or I was told to keep quiet when adults are speaking (the way the old folks used to do in the old days). Soon I learned to be taciturn and stayed that way. Quiet and soft spoken.

Once, a lady who was cutting my hair told me…“You are very soft spoken but I bet you are not that way with your children. Every mother I know is loud with their own kids.” Probably she had heard me telling the kids off from running around in the salon earlier but she is right.

I also have poor communication skills and when I am angry, wow, I can really shout at my husband at the top of my voice and slam doors! My husband often tells me “People are funny. Quite often they treat the person closest to them the worse while they are nice and polite to strangers.” He is right. People are indeed funny aren’t they? I am quite often very nice to strangers and have a ready smile most of the time but at home I can turn into a MONSTER!!!

I don’t think my emotional intelligence is very high. I have had no training or lessons on how to control my emotions. I think this is something that parents should teach their children and teachers should teach the kids but…. Forget about children being taught in schools here. The system isn’t anywhere ready for it. As for me teaching my kids. How do I teach them when I am still learning myself? How do the blind lead the blind? My children are at the  young tender age when they are feeling many new emotions every day. I have to teach them how to control and manage them but I am not very good at it. I see them turning into me! The me with little self control. Help!

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3 thoughts on “Aunty MG is like a mouse

  1. what you said is very true! we are often worst with our own family, but nice to those outside. Enjoyed reading your post!

    Hi Martha. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours too and am a follower now. I must get some tips from you on how to be more “outdoors”. We’re so “indoors” most of the time! May I know, why you call yours “poundthegarlic”? Just curious. 🙂

  2. I reckon your awareness of EI is the first big step towards you attaining it and your kids learning it. I was also surfing on this topic sometime back becuase my son doesn’t verbalise his feelings very well.

    So, I am learning and he is learning. Like parenting, I guess EI is also a journey to go through.

    As for hubby…hai…its the same everywhere. But when they are good, also praise them. THen balance a bit! 🙂 Like that can ah?

    Parenting is indeed a journey and in going through that journey, we discover more about ourselves. Good. Praise is good. 😉

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