Once upon a time there were blogs. Then Facebook came along and killed blogs.

That’s what it did. Many bloggers simply abandoned their blogs and jumped onto the Facebook ship. So sad, but it is easy to see why they did so. With Facebook, you get validation, lots of validation. All you need to do is publish a sentence and you can get a dozen or more comments. Thats what I call validation, chatting and true social networking.

It is much more quieter on the Blogging front now. You can write 200, 300, 400 words and get no comments at all. It is like talking to yourself. You see, after Facebook came along, all the commenters left for the Facebook ship. So poor Blog became more lonely. If you don’t like talking to yourself, you should forget Blogging and head over to the Facebook Ship. Who has the time to read 400 words? One sentence is better, much better.

If you like validation, company, chatting, socialising and networking, forget about Blogging. You will surely get disheartened.

Blogging started out as an online diary but it turned into a different animal when everyone jumped into the bandwagon. It became commercialised. Now many people blog for many reasons. As for me, it remains my little diary and if I get peanuts for writing my thoughts then it is a bonus. It is my “voice”, a place for me to talk to myself. As for comments, fewer they may be now, I’m still happy to get them or none. A little validation is good for the ego but even without it, it is therapeutic to be able to speak one’s mind “aloud” even if no one is listening. A little bit of “talking in one’s head” helps in lots of situations. 🙂

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