While I was shopping, a promoter called out to me. She gestured to a large homemade Mother’s Day card and asked me to write a message on it. “Miss, if you write a message for your mother on this card, we will give you this” and she showed me a Mother’s Day fridge magnet. I told  her “I don’t have a mother but can my children write on it?” She said “yes of course”.

So I told the children to write a message on the card for mummy. Of course they were very happy to do so. They love all manner of arts and crafts and this was a very large card indeed. The boy looked at me and said “I don’t know what to write, mummy.” So I asked him to let  his sister have a go first because she is older and would know what to do, so he can take her cue. She looked at the rest of the messages, then drew a heart and wrote “I love you” in the heart as many did.

When it came to his turn, he too drew a heart and started writing in it. I did not see what he was writing but then he said to himself “I love you very much” then with an innocent face and looking to his sister for guidance, he said “cheh cheh? How do you spell much?” “M U C H” she replied. Even another lady who was nearby had to smile when she looked at the two of them.

To me, that was a picture perfect moment. Two siblings united in doing something. They looked very cute beside the card that was taller than them (as it was raised on a pedestal), not fighting as they usually do. Too bad, I did not have a camera to record down that moment but I do have my blog to record it down. 🙂 Oh and yes, I have two Mother’s Day fridge magnets too!

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