Crazy conversations heard around the house

“Mummy, if they are not allowed to sell nuggets in the school canteen anymore than I must buy all of them now to keep.”

“Mummy, what about McDonalds and KFC, they won’t be allowed to sell junk food too?”

“If you all continue with that angry bird game now, you’re going to have one angry mama!”

“Mummy, you get 1 star for being good.” In the next instance…… “Mummy, you get minus 100 stars. Bad mommy.”

“Mummy, my birthday wasn’t really a birthday…. because I forgot to make a wish. …. I wish…. to play games all day!”

There’s more, but I can’t remember all those random crazy conversations we have at home.



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5 thoughts on “Crazy conversations heard around the house

  1. Stockpiling chicken nuggets…what a great idea! We were out at dinner last week and my daughter noticed a young couple kissing. Then she asked “why is he whispering in her mouth?” Was adorable!

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