When I was young, and we had to fill out the “ambition card” or the “what do you want to be when you are an adult” card in school, I never ever wanted to become a teacher. I thought that it was the most boring job on this earth. So naturally, I never became a teacher. However, I am a teacher to my kids, well, sort of a tuition teacher to teach them. And the funny thing is I find it so interesting to teach.

I love looking for teaching resources online. I love to go to the bookshop to find that perfect book to aid in my teaching. When I find a good but cheap book that is just perfect to complement my teaching, I would feel really happy. There are many workbooks available these days. It is so competitive. Everyone wants to buy workbooks for their children. It is a crazy thing really, me inclusive.

Popular bookstore has a whole range of workbooks but I usually just stick to the tried and tested publishers. There will be very many others, some of which are too difficult or too easy. I find that if a book is too difficult then it kills the interest of the child because it makes them disheartened while if it is too easy, there is no point in doing them. It merely takes up more time in their already tight schedules.

So, I was searching for that perfect book this weekend as I usually like to do but this weekend was different. It is exam week. I was also not in Popular but at MPH where the variety of workbooks are much less. Std 1-6 for SJKC kids all on the same shelf. So there I was squeezed in between all these gungho parents, both mums and dads in equal numbers. Then there was this mum who picked out books for her child who was standing nearby. She showed him the books and asked them whether those were the ones he needed and he nodded absentmindedly…. all the while….. playing his handheld playstation.

Two things strike my mind. 1. I think handheld gadgets ought to be banned! 2.I think parents these days are doing too much for their kids.

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