This morning, when I checked my feed reader, it was full of Mother’s Day posts! There was Mother’s Day 2011, Mother’s Day wishes, 2011 Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day 2011, Mother’s Day celebration. So I guess I shall join the masses and write a post about Mother’s Day. 

In the morning, both the kids woke up and promptly forgot about me as they rushed out to the study room to play computer games. During the rest of the day, I helped them get some revision done for their coming exams. Mother’s Day always falls in May just before the first semester school tests so I guess that this year and every other coming year will probably be spent like this.

However, husband was kind enough to take us out to lunch even though this Mother here claimed that she was on a weekend diet. Well, the dieter ended up eating succulent pork burgers that melt in the mouth with cheese followed by butter cake with ice-cream. Yum. Yum.

As my husband was rushing us out of the house for lunch, the little one said “Why is daddy rushing even on Mother’s Day?” Lol. I had to inform him that if daddy hadn’t rushed we would have to eat in or eat takeout instead. I don’t think he would have minded. He and his sister both are currently so mad about Plants vs Zombies that the would gladly stay home and play all day instead of go out with boring old mummy and daddy. Guarding their house from invading zombies is certainly more interesting to them, for now.

Lunch was a very rushed affair, we rushed out of the house, then did some errands before rushing back as there were some workers on our roof. No they weren’t installing the Infinity Dish, though I wish they were. They were merely fixing the leaks on the roof. I certainly hope they get it fixed, this time! I can’t count how many times workers have been up on my roof.

That reminds me, we had been promising the kids that we will be getting them more TV channels soon. HDTV channels, something like those being offered by Infinity Dish would be excellent. We had better wait till after their exams. Then they can watch and play all day. My daughter quipped “Whatever that we don’t have the time to do now, mummy and daddy will say, let’s do it during the school holidays.” Then school holidays would have come and gone and we would only have done half or less of all the things that we had planned to do. Oops!

So that was how we spent Mother’s Day this year, with workers up on the roof, a quick lunch, revising school work with the kids and no HDTV. 😛

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