I am lazy to write today. Everytime I am away from my blog for a while, I suffer a loss of momentum and a loss of words. đŸ˜› So I am just going to write in point form roughly what we did for the school holidays before I forget it. We….

  • celebrated the girl’s 9th birthday
  • did all the mandatory school holiday homework from school and prepared for a coming school project
  • caught up with all the piano classes that was put aside due to exams and illness
  • went for doctor’s appointments
  • went for haircuts
  • played Monopoly, Chinese Chess and Plants vs Zombies
  • watched Kungfu Panda and X-Men at the cinema
  • did some magnet craft which the girl chose for her birthday present
  • played RC helicopter at the park a few times (another birthday present)
  • went to Port Dickson for an overnight trip and swam, walked, biked and ate
  • watched Harry Potter and Yogi Bear at home
  • made homemade soya bean and pandan kaya for the first time ourselves

With that, 2 weeks flew by………. just like that. The girl would often say “Mummy, why is it that whenever we ask to do something, you and daddy would say wait for the school holidays, we’ll do it during the school holidays.” She does have a point there. Well, my sweetie, I think we did most of them, didn’t we? All accept for that candle art craft which you said you’d change your mind about doing because you wanted to play Plants vs Zombies instead. đŸ˜‰

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