There is this little boy that used to sit beside my boy in class. He is quite new, having joined the class sometime in the middle of the school term. My boy tells me that he is very naughty. He would constantly disturb him. Recently at the Parent Teacher’s Conference, the little girl who also sits beside the new boy retorted to me. “He does not sit with us anymore. He keeps on disturbing me. I just can’t stand it anymore!”

My boy had mentioned to me that the new boy had used a scissors and placed another boy’s fingers in between the scissors. We thought that it was important enough to mention to the teacher since this was a dangerous thing to do. The teacher said that she realises that the boy was very naughty and hard to control that is why she has now placed him to sit somewhere else on his own so that he would not disturb anyone else. She said that the headmaster has also called the boy’s parents in for a discussion.

According to the teacher, the boy has family problems. That is why he is so out of control. Sometimes, he would go and cry and hide in the bathroom and she would have to go round the school searching for him. I felt so sorry and bad for the boy when I heard this. I don’t know what family problems he is facing at home but I wish that all parents should realise that one important task they must do for their children is to provide emotional support for them no matter what problems they themselves are facing.

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