One recent Saturday, sister invited me and my girl to my  niece’s Ballet Concert. My niece is doing her Grade 8. She is a good dancer very good at choreographing dances. Her ballet background helps her. My sister breathes a sigh of relief from all that taxing her around for her ballet classes for years. It is worth it. She is a confident and poised young lady. They really grow up so fast. I remember, she was my girl’s age not very long ago.

Anyway, there we were, 4 mums and 4 daughters. It was a lot of fun going out, just mums and daughters. After the concert we went for Roti Canai. Everyone had a good time. The younger girls bonded and chatted though they were at first shy.

As for my son and his father. Well, they did not stay at home. No, no. They went out for a movie and Roti Canai too on their own. They had to go for a 7 o’clock movie on a Saturday night. There weren’t any good cartoons playing, so they went to watch a martial arts movie in Cantonese which my boy does not understand. 🙂 I think he was the only little boy there. The rest were courting couples. Hmm…. why would a courting couple want to watch a martial arts movie for?? 😉

The boy and his father had a good time too. A precious bonding time.

I think that it is important for us to spend one on one time with our children whenever possible. It creates memories and helps us bond with our children individually. I am glad that my husband suggested taking the boy out for a movie and supper instead of just staying home. It must have been a special evening for them too as it was for me and my girl. 🙂

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