Blogging offline from Windows Live Writer

Today my internet connection is very slow and erractic. It is extremely annoying. Seeing that little loading button turning around and around drives me nuts. I simply have no time for that. Not when I have several blogs to maintain.

So I decided to use Windows Live Writer to blog and I’m loving it! Woo Hoo! Yes, I love it! Windows Live Writer is a blogging client that allows you to blog offline. It is part of Windows Live Essential Suite of Tools. I’ve set up the Windows Live Writer to include all of my blogs. Now, all I have to do is blog from there and publish from there. Everything in one place. Neat!

While blogging, I am able to see exactly how the post will look like on my pages as I type. Very nice! I am able to add the same categories, set a post date, include emoticons like this Rolling on the floor laughing and more. I can even put in a table like this. It is so easy!

Blogs I maintain


Type of Blog
Mumsgather Personal Blog
Parenting Times Kids and Crafts Blog
Mothering Times Mommy Blog
Quotes Station Quotes Blog
Be Health Aware Health Blog
Squidoo Lensmaster Squidoo Lenses

Don’t mind me, please, I am just testing out the features of Windows Live Writer. I can include pictures, videos, headers, maps, change html codes, publish as draft or publish live and do just about everything else I can do when I blog online and more! Cool!

Ok, better not get carried away. I do have other writings to work on now. Right posting live now…….

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’ve tried Windows Live Writer before. it’s very convenient I must say.but then I faced a problem and stopped using it already. Now I can’t remember exactly what was the problem..hmm…

    Oh, I wish you remember, so you can share with me. 🙂

  2. bengbeng says:

    wow, i sometimes wish i were more savvy in blogging like you

    I just have more time than you to read up that is all. I am hardly savvy. I still don’t know how to do a proper backup, I have not moved my old blogger blog into new blogger and am terrified to do so and I dare not touch this template very much for fear of messing things up. 😛

  3. Carolyn says:

    haha..i went to test again. and this time i had no problems publishing it. now i remembered that i had problems in publishing an entry last time. queer isn’t it. So i guess i can start using windows live writer again. thanks.

    Haha. I have too many blogs so I like it because it allows me to blog from one place. 😛

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