My life is rather mundane but this excitement, I can do without. On a fine Sunday morning, my maid’s aunt who claimed to be her Godmother came to look for my maid.

I was out with the maid at the time. We were buying breakfast. She told my husband that she had come to borrow money from my maid. She said that she had every right to take money from the maid because she was her godmother. Otherwise, she threatened that she will beat her up and call the police.

My husband called me and I informed my maid who said that she did not wish to she her aunt. She says that if she sees her, she will keep on coming back again and again. She asked me to pretend that she was somewhere else and asked her aunt to leave.

We knew that it would not be so easily resolved as that. If the aunt did not get to see her she would probably come back again and again. She had been calling her several times before this.

So she went back to the house to meet her aunt. I told her that if her aunt gave her any problems, she should not worry, we will call the police. As a safety precaution, we called the police anyway. I don’t feel very safe having a stranger come to my house demanding for money and threatening to beat people up. She may come alone now, but who knows what she will do the next time.

The police came in 5 to 10 minutes. Very fast. Three of them came. They were very kind too even though we told them that the matter had already been resolved by then. I don’t know what the maid spoke to her aunt about but she said that she agreed to send some money home for her and she asked her to deal with their relatives back home instead of bothering her. Then she asked for RM10 to give to her aunt for transport money back to wherever she came from.

As far as I know her aunt was working up north then she said that her employer had sent her to work here. She calls up at different hours from different phone numbers and now she turns up at my house. I wonder if her employer knows what she is up to or even whether she is still legally employed. Sigh.

Sandiwara in my otherwise mundane life but as I said, I prefer life to be mundane.

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