Massimo Bread or Gardenia Bread?

Where can I buy Massimo Bread?

No worries, it will hit your regular bread vendors very soon. I got mine at my usual newspaper vendor who sells bread as well. You will probably have seen the advertisements for Massimo Bread in the local newspapers. So what is the big deal?

Well, to me the big deal is, at last we have got more competition within the bread industry. Yahoo! Previously whenever Gardenia raised bread prices, I had to swallow my complaints along with my bread because there weren’t many other brands out there accept for High 5 bread.

How does Massimo bread compare to Gardenia bread in taste?

What about taste? How does the Massimo Bread taste like? To me, the Massimo bread wheatgerm variety (in green packaging) which was priced at RM2.50 during the introductory period (till end July if I am not mistaken) loses out to the Gardenia wholemeal which seems more wholesome although the Massimo probably turned out better in terms of taste.

Both are the same height but one is cut into 12 pieces the other into 14 pieces

As for the Massimo white bread which is in a blue packaging, I think it tastes better than the Gardenia white bread. The price is the same. RM2.40. Massimo bread tastes better because it is more fluffy and fuller in taste. I don’t think the fact that the white loaf is cut into 12 pieces while the Gardenia one is cut into 14 pieces has anything to do with it either. They’re both of the same height and size exactly apart from the different number of pieces. So you essentially get the same amount, just different number of slices. Unfortunately you can’t see that in my picture as I forgot to take it before we ate some.

Which bread will I buy?

Massimo or Gardenia or High 5? I’ve never gotten used to High 5 since it has always been Gardenia for me. I guess I will buy both Massimo and Gardenia now that I have a choice. Each week we eat about 3 loaves of bread. 1 long loaf and 2 small loaves. I’m just happy that now I have more choices.


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13 thoughts on “Massimo Bread or Gardenia Bread?

  1. We just got our first Massimo loaf today – it’s on offer now right? Got it for 1.80 only – definitely worth a try. Gardenia’s getting a little too expensive.

    You got yours for RM1.80? Mine was RM2.40. I think you should get a few loaves! lol.

  2. Hello MG,

    I have tried both brands (Gardenia and High 5) years before and they are pretty good. However, it is a “known fact” that such branded breads, which are being sold at almost any retail outlets, have a lot of preservatives added to increase the bread shelf life – at least a week for most if you look at the expiry tag ;).

    So for “health reasons” and freshness esp. for the kids, I now only frequent the “pop and mum” bakeries (tho’ few but you can still find them and with support from more customers, the number will increase) as their bread and pastry stocks are mostly fresh at any time i.e. made to be sold within a day to two days max.

    I now usually buy from one that bakes its stocks daily and there will be none left in the whole store by 8pm to 9pm each day – i.e. fresh batches of bread or pastries will be made the next day. The prices are also very decent at between RM2.20 to RM2.40 per loaf for its range of bread. In addition, they do not simply raise prices and are normally the last to do so if conditions forces them to do so.

    I am in a way also supporting such small businesses as it is crucial for any economies NOT to be monopolized by the big companies.

    These are like the speciality stores for all sorts of food in the developed countries that are familiy-run and they provide more quality plus authenticly made products than most big companies. They are “the variety and spices of life”.

    Just my take and thoughts ;P.

    Good morning to you ;).

    How interesting. For us, the best way to get rid of preservatives is to bake it ourselves but at the moment, that is at the back burner of my things to learn and things to do list. 😛

  3. Where can i buy Massimo bread at Ipoh? I can’t find it else where. Thanks!

    I’m so sorry Phek San, I wish I could help but I am not in Ipoh.

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  5. I think this is useful for all mothers.

    Was talking to a dietitian last week due to my daughter indigestion problem. I was surprise that she recommended Gardenia cuz’ Massimo is softer.
    Apparently, Gardenia wholemeal bread contains the highest fibre among all breads the market and Massimo has 60% more fats compared to Gardenia and fats makes bread softer. I thought she just pro Gardenia, so I bought both bread to compare!

    M: 4.9g/100g
    G: 2.9g/100g

    M: 2.5g/100g
    G: 7g/100g

    Is that right Rita? Thanks for making the comparison and sharing here.

  6. I also bought Massimo to try. A bit dissapointed because I don’t see any Vitamin E listed on the packaging. Wheatgerm is a source of Vitamin E. I think the Wheatgerm added is too little, that is why Massimo cannot list it as on of the nutrients.
    Also explains the low fibre in Rita’s reply.

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