My girl’s classmate had given my telephone number to one of the teachers at the tuition center she was attending because she wanted my girl to attend the same tuition center as her.

Last week the teacher at the tuition center called me. I told her that we were busy preparing for school tests so we have no time to attend the free class that they were offering. At the same time, I enquired about their after school tuition hours.

Yesterday, the teacher called me again. She said…

“I am calling to confirm that your daughter will be attending the free class today.”

I repeated what I told her.. that my daughter was busy preparing for tests and she has no time to attend the free class.

She said….

“I know your daughter has tests. We are doing revision for tests now. We are doing past year papers today. I would like to confirm that your daughter is coming.”

Two thoughts come to my mind.

1. The poor teacher has to double up as marketing agent too.

2. Why on earth would they think that I would want to sent my daughter to a strange new place to “benefit” from a free lesson to do past year papers on the eve of her tests? She should be doing light revision at home and getting more rest! Not going to some strange place and doing past year papers! She is only 9 for goodness sakes.

I really think that we are going overboard in preparing our kids to sit for tests in school.

Anyway, I declined politely but just out of interest, I asked her how much they charged for lessons. She says it is RM45 per month for one subject and it gets cheaper if you take more subjects.

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