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I remember we used to have Home Science classes when I was in lower Secondary school. Oh how we loved those classes! What did they teach us during Home Science? We had to split ourselves into two groups and alternate. One group would learn cooking and baking while the other group learns tailoring.

For the tailoring class, first, we had to learn to make an apron and a cap for our cooking class. Then we learned to patch torn clothing, we learned to sew zippers and buttons and how to cut and sew a blouse with embroidery and lace. We even learned smocking and made a little girl’s dress and our tailoring class teacher taught us cross stitch. It was amazing how much we learned. And it was so much fun. Our sewing class was just upstairs from the cooking class which was fully equipped with many ovens for baking cakes. The sewing class had many sewing machines. Towards the end of the class we would be able to smell all the foods that the cooking class group had cooked up as the smells wafted in through the windows.

For the cooking class, we had to first learn some simple housekeeping. We learned to make beds, hospital style, we learned to polish silver and brass, we learned the way to wash and dry different types of materials with special care for wools and silks. Then we learned cooking. We learned to cook all sorts of dishes and we learned to bake using different styles. I remember I was cooking sweet and sour fish once and my fish was undercooked. Before the teacher checked my fish, I quickly slipped it into the fryer for a second round of frying secretly. Haha. We learned to make all sorts of local foods including nasi lemak wrapped in a banana leaf (we had to go hunting for the banana leaves, then we learned that we had to quickly dip them into hot water so that they became flexible and would not break) and local delicacies or kuih.

Another time, my cupcakes was overbaked. We learned to hide our burnt biscuits etc. It was very enjoyable. We even had to sit for a cooking exam. My question was to cook for a cooking competition so layout was very important. Dad had to go and buy me some special plates so that I could present them nicely. I still have the plates to this day! I cooked my sweet and sour fish then but by then I had mastered it. 😉 Then I carefully decorated my food and placed them at different heights during display.

I really miss my home science classes in school. It has given me many lovely memories of school.

My favourite subjects in school were Home Science, English, Art, Chemistry and Biology. I hated History and Physics. What is your favourite subject in school?

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11 thoughts on “Home Science

  1. I was not in the Home Science Stream :(. But I know I would enjoyed the most in this class. I loved sewing and cooking. I used to sew clothes for my barbie doll bcoz we could not afford to buy. Actually, my best part of having a barbie doll is to be able to sew the clothes, not so much of playing with it.

    I still love to cook and sew, but no time :(. U missed the classes, I missed the whole thing, hahaha!!

    I missed the classes but then somewhere along the way… I forgot all my baking and tailoring skills!!!!

  2. I was not in Home Science either and I remembered feeling envious about my other schoolmates in the classes. I often stand outside their class and peep at what they were doing.

    But I am now in my own home’s ‘Home Science’, full time, 7 days a week, 24/7! 🙂

    Haha. You can have plenty of practice then!

  3. Not in Home Science Stream also. Too bad. It could be interesting. Instead I learnt woodwork and electronics. *faint* I like English, Art, Maths and Biology.

    I forgot about Maths. I hate Maths! 😛

  4. Now I wish I was in home science stream. During my time, there was also streaming. A-s students go to Perdagangan class. Those who can’t study ( that was the impression then) did homescience for girls, carpentry for boys. So i never wanted to be stream at the homescience stream ( very stuck up then) When kemahiran hidup was introduced, we were taught some piping, electrical wiring and carpentry work. Totally boring for siu jie like me.

    Sounds quite interesting to me but then home science is more interesting. hehe.

  5. But again teachers then are so talented in these handiworks (sewing, smokering, knitting) . I don’t think many teachers now have these skills. Very sad.

    Yes, good teachers are getting harder and harder to find

  6. This post brings back memories. I was the only one who was good at sewing in my entire level and during streaming whereby we had to choose between Technical, cooking and sewing, I was the ONLY ONE WHO OPTED sewing and the teacher called me to the office saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t start a class with just one person, that’s me.” *laugh*

    Hated History and Chinese. Love Maths, Chemistry and Physics. *smile*

    The only one? Oh dear. I wonder why??

  7. I did homescience in my SRP exam. My homescience was always A, because my homescience teacher favoured me. I like Mathematics the most.

    I am sure it was not only favouritism which won you that A. 🙂

  8. I didn’t get to go into homescience either. there were only 2 homescience classes and 11 perdagangan classes! Though I like perdagangan, I would very much love to learn cooking and baking especially when we could smell lovely dishes and cakes 😀

    when I was in primary school, we learned sewing as part of our arts class. And I sucks big time!! Even cut a hole in my embroidery and teacher gave me a knock on my head!! hahaha!

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