I am now an EzineArticle ‘expert’. Here is my first EzineArticle: How to use the Computer as a Learning Tool.

You won’t see MG or Mumsgather there because I am required to include an Author’s name. So that is what I did. What you see Mimi Koay is my pen name or author’s name. Since I prefer to keep my online privacy, I could not include a photo as well. Too bad, because a photo along with my bio would get my article included in the highly trafficked homepage of EzineArticle. Anyone wants to lend me their sweet and pretty photo for inclusion with my bio? Just kidding. 😉

With that, I am now writing on my several blogs, on Squidoo, on Brighthub and on EzineArticles. Oh, and I still owe a website a guest post. What a lot of writing I have to do. Unfortunately my family have not been feeling well so I have taken some time off writing. Family comes first.

All this writing makes me crazy looking at dashboards.

Looking at dashboards and all the graphs, charts, stats and numbers is more interesting than looking at stock market charts. 🙂
Speaking of which, after a week or two of absence online, I came back online to a new improved blogger dashboard. Always eager to try new things, I clicked on the try new interface button and to my horror my Parenting Times blog template together with all its customization disappeared! Fortunately I was able to regain it with a few more clicks. Phew! *sweats*. I am still using old ancient blogger because there is too much work to move my template. One day I will get around to it, one day….

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