Remember my earlier post about Massimo Bread? I had added a poll in that post. Then I forgot to look at it. Well, recently, I had a look and here are the results as well as some of the comments on the poll as at today. I was quite amused to find that my Massimo Bread post had ranked No. 1 on Google for searches on Massimo Bread.

It is quite a feat to be ranked number 1 on page 1 of Google and continues to be my SEO (Searh Engine Optimization) experiment and goal.  Of course this ranking is dynamic so it will change but I am too lazy to take a screenshot of it being at Number 1. 😉 Anyway, this post is not about SEO, it is about the results of my Bread Poll. So here it is. Tada….

If you haven’t taken this poll but would like to, you can still do so here: Gardenia vs High 5 vs Massimo Bread

Which bread do you prefer?

  • Gardenia 27.27% (12 votes)
  • High 5 4.55% (2 votes)
  • Massimo 68.18% (30 votes)


  1. Clarisse said on Aug 28 2011, 09:41 PM:Whole meal and wheat germ are 2 different things. Bread made with wholemeal wheat means using unpolished wheat (just like our unpolished brown rice)while wheat germ means using the most nutritious part of the wheat, therefore we derive much better nutrients from wheat germ rather than wholemeal.
  2. babe said on Aug 11 2011, 10:57 PM:Massimo expiry date much longer than gardenia.
  3. TaSnIm said on Aug 04 2011, 01:59 AM:For me, Massimo bread is good. Soft and have a good taste. But, I sense that Massimo bread has a quite strong ‘buttery’ flavor. That’s my opinion.
  4. Jay said on Aug 03 2011, 03:59 AM:I don’t think the Massimo bread in the green packaging is equivalent to Gardenia’s wholemeal. It doesn’t say ‘wholemeal’ on the packaging. Instead it says ‘loaf with wheat germ’ which is probably closer to white bread but for the addition of wheat germ.


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