All work and no play makes kids extremely restless. The kids had a week off from school but I had to make sure they did lots of work. They had been sick a lot recently and missed a lot of lessons. The boy especially. It is no joke learning 3 languages in school. We speak English at home and he reads a lot of story books so he can get by. They teach him a lot of Chinese at school so he can get by. However, the standard of Malay is rather high and with little emphasis in school and at home he is swimming in a deep blue sea on his own. So he has a lot of catching up to do, especially in his Malay vocabulary.

As for the girl, she hardly has any time to do revision during school days with the amount of homework she has to do. We have to consider the homework as revision. So it was time for work for both of them on their one week off from school. The previous week off was mostly spent in bed and taking medicine as they were both sick. So, this week off, they had to do a lot of studies.

Studies aside, they still managed to …

  • play with candles and lanterns on Mooncake Festival Day
  • watch several dvds for shows they had missed out on when they were sick
  • plant their brocolli and asparagus (I wonder how those will turn out!)
  • bake their bat shaped cookies and other shaped cookies
  • play monopoly
  • play computer games
  • start on a manuscript for a book by typing it out (the girl dreams of writing a Chinese storybook)
  • read several storybooks and comics
  • play card games
  • learn to play a duet on piano
  • make ice lollies and eat them too
They did not manage to get any exercise though because the weather has been bad, either hazy or raining. Their dad has been sick all week and the girl is having rashes now. Yes, so the cycle of sickness continues in our lives.
I’ve been really busy trying to make sure I get all of the above done in addition to helping them with their homework and studies I hardly have the time to be online. So, now it is time for me to play catch up with my blogs. 🙂

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