Lately I’ve taken to stats watching. I used to monitor my blogging stats frequently when I first started blogging. Then the novelty of it wore off. However, nowadays I watch stats for a different reason. It is important to monitor stats to improve on your pages and decide where and how to monetize it. It really makes a difference.

Watching stats is also fascinating. For example, last month, my Parents Blog had a spike in visitors from about 800 plus a day to 1400 on a Sunday which is usually a quiet day. I saw that most of the visitors came from Google India and all of them landed on my How to make a homemade Teacher’s Day card page. A quick check on the internet showed that the following day was Teacher’s Day for India.

I am using StatCounter and Google Analytics. Both of them give very detailed to the second stats with graphs. I love them. I especially love Statcounter. I love clicking on the Recent Came From and Recent Keyword Activity Tabs. I am quite amused that this blog keeps on getting visitors looking for roti canai and dim sum and I am not even a food blogger.

Besides these, I watch my Squidoo stats go up and down and tweak each lens to make sure it goes back up. Then there is my Amazon Affiliate Program stats and Feedburner stats which I have forgotten till now at this time of writing. Watching stats is a very important part of blogging. If you haven’t got Statcounter, go and install it now, it is fantastic. Blogger provides stats but it isn’t anything as good or detailed as Statcounter.

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