It is payday on Squidoo on the 15th of every month. It is fun because Squidoo will put out a note on your Squidoo dashboard to remind you that it is payday and give you links to check your earnings. Squidoo pays 2 months later that means what you earn in July will be paid in September. I joined Squidoo at the end of June so naturally I didn’t earn anything. So my first payday at Squidoo is for my earnings in July.

There are several ways to get paid at Squidoo. One is from a share of a pool of Adsense and other ads. The other is through affiliate sales. The higher tier you are, the higher your share of the ad pool. How high you go depend on your traffic, your clickouts, your sales, your likes etc.

In July, 8 of my lenses qualified for a share of the royalties. The amounts are really small but it is a start. I made $2.68 in royalties for 8 lenses in July. I didn’t make any sales till September so I will have to wait another 2 months for payment for those. You are allowed to either use your own affiliate code or Squidoo’s for Amazon sales so I used both. There is not much difference either way even though the commissions are different. I got 2 sales for the Squidoo ones and 4 under my own Amazon Affiliate Account in September.

To date, I now have 36 lenses. Hopefully they move up the tier or make more sales in future months. Apart from sales, I enjoy writing the lenses. I get to put lots of pictures and stuff easily unlike my blogs. I also get to tweak them over and over again. I have also started to write in areas that I don’t normally write and will continue to challenge myself  in new areas of writing and in coming up with new topics and stuff to write about. You can read more about my Squidoo experience in My Squidoo Diary.

Want to Join Squidoo and give making lenses a try? Its free and its fun but be warned, its addictive, like a game. However, this game can help you make money if you ‘play’ hard enough. 🙂

Join Squidoo

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