What do you do when you have to wait for a long time in a waiting room…… of a doctor’s office, clinic, dentist, government office, airport, work interview, to pick up your child after school or any other place where you have to wait for a long time. Do you..

  • play with all the available apps and games in your tablet computer
  • send countless sms, tweet and update your fb
  • read
  • have a catnap
  • eat
  • continually sigh while tapping your fingers and striding up and down
For me, when I have to wait, I usually,
  • read
  • sew (my cross stitch if it is accessible)
  • write (lately I’ve taken to writing down my blog posts manually with pen and paper when I have to wait)
I suppose I have to thank the fact that I don’t have any gadgets to play with and my phone is so old it can’t even take a picture. Otherwise, I will probably have forgotten how to read or write!
If I had any fancy gadget, I would probably engage in tweets, sms, fb updates or watch some dvd on some portable device. How the world has change in just a few short years!

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